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The Original Story: Havaianas Unique Origins and Why Buy Original
Nov 30, -0001 12:00:00
To date, there aren't any flip-flops that in the world can give you the comfort, style and durability that you can only get from Havaianas. In fact, in as recent as three years ago, they've sold 210 million pairs worldwide--that's enough for every man, woman, and children in Singapore 5x over!
And it's really no secret how they've done it--Havaianas has been in the business for more than half a century now. Or maybe, since nothing really ever came close with what the original premium rubber flip-flops brings, they really are shrouded in mystery.


Well, since it's 2016, we think it's about time that we reveal where Havaianas came from and why it's waaaaay better to get original Havaianas flip-flops.


Did You Know? "Over three billion pairs of Havaianas have been sold all over the world. If every pair was lined up toe to heel, Havaianas would circle the world 40 times and no one would ever frown again. Today, Havaianas belongs to those who are part of its history who have done the simple act of slipping on a pair of flip-flops."


Havaianas' Origins

Havaianas was born in 1962 from the breezy culture of Hawaii and the serene design of Japanese Zori--their trademark sandals.  Actually, the word 'Havaianas' means "Hawaiians" in Portuguese.


Also, Havaianas were so huge in Brazil in the early 70s that inferior imitations were already launched by its competitors. Because of this, Havaianas launched a campaign with the slogan “The Legitimate Ones”, which was so successful that it cemented Havaianas as a fundamental part of Brazilians' lives.


So much so that they were even listed by the Brazilian government as a fundamental product to control for inflation of prices. The others in the list? Rice and beans.


Today, you can see the marks of its inspirations easily. The Zori, which has a sole of rice straw, can be seen in the iconic rice pattern found on the sole of every pair of Havaianas and the exuberant colours, geography, and culture of Hawaii and Brazil influence each style.


Havaianas is truly a delightful product, the perfect marriage of eastern Zen and western joy.


So form has been taken care of. But can it function well enough to actually be useful?


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The Three Fs

Havaianas makes sure that every pair they make embodies the Three Fs. They are:



Fashion. Because of the brand’s stylish image, Havaianas is not limited to the beach or swimming pool. They look good enough to be worn for various occasions. They can be worn while strolling in the malls, hanging out with friends, or lounging around. On the pages of famous glossies and on the streets, these flip-flops are paired with everything from slacks to jeans to skirts to dresses.




Function. Havaianas are absolutely practical. The design is ideal for tropical climates and its relaxed culture. The fit and durability are second to none perfect for the Singaporean lifestyle and Havaianas can be worn all day long. Havaianas offers no compromise -- the flip-flops look great without sacrificing comfort and quality.


 Fun: Havaianas captures the exciting and vibrant lifestyle of the infamous hot spot - Brazil. Those who own a pair of these flip-flops enjoy the good life, exude confidence and value self-expression. With so many exciting colours and designs, Havaianas puts one’s soul into the slipper.


“They won’t lose their shape, the strap won’t come off and they won’t smell.” This is the famous slogan of the Havaianas commercials in the 1970s and 1980s, and up to this day, it still holds true.


It's functional, fashionable, and most of all, fun! What more can you ask for?


So, with all these in mind. Would you still choose comfort over a few bucks saved, but in reality inconsistencies in style, function, and reliability were at stake? I think not.


Note: Original Havaianas in Singapore are exclusively distributed by Moda Pacifica Pte. Ltd. Among its authorised retailers are The H Stores, CommonThread, and the CommonThread Online Shop. These are the full list of H Stores and CommonThread stores in Singapore:


H Store

  • H Store Raffles City Shopping Centre

    252 North Bridge Road - Singapore 179103
    +65 6337 1031
  • H Store Takashimaya Shopping Centre

    391 Orchard Rd - Singapore 238872
    +65 6235 6530


  • CommonThread Plaza Singapura

    Plaza Singapura #B1-36 68 Orchard Rd 238839 Singapore
    +65 6338 0084 
  • CommonThread Bugis Junction

    Bugis Junction 02-20 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021 Singapore
    +65 6338 0633 
  • CommonThread ION Orchard

    B2-18 ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn 238801 Singapore
    +65 6509 9042


  • CT Kiosk Parkway Parade

    80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade 01-K4, Singapore 449269
    +65 6348 8233