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Superga, Keds, Converse: The Most Comfortable & Fashionable Shoes
Nov 30, 2013 12:00:00

POPSUGAR, one of the most liked lifestyle and media websites in the US, compiled a very convincing and comprehensive list of the most comfortable and fashionable shoes for 2015. They came up with 14 shoes, and among them are three well-loved brands that you can find (and buy) in CommonThread!

Samantha Sutton, POPSUGAR's Fashion Assistant Editor, featured the Superga Cotu Classic, Keds, and the Converse Chuck Taylor.

Let's start with Keds and know why it's one of the most fashionable x comfortable shoes:


#1: Keds

"Once Taylor Swift began to front the brand's campaign, Keds made quite the comeback. These feminine kicks aren't as bulky as other sneaker styles and are the perfect addition to any Summer wardrobe."

keds commonthread singapore malaysia


(Keds are available in CommonThread stores in Singapore.)


#2: Superga Cotu Classic

"Want to add some height without rocking a heel? Superga sneakers to the rescue! The platform design will give you a boost and manages to give off an edgy vibe, meaning they pair perfectly with that band tee and jeans."

commonthread singapore malaysia superga cotu classic


(Superga Cotu Classic is available in CommonThread Singapore, Malaysia, and the Online Shop. Buy a pair of the most comfortable and fashionable shoes today here!)


#3: Converse Chuck Taylor

"There may be a new Converse style in town, but we'll always love the original Chuck Taylor. After all, this sneaker looks good on everyone!"

CommonThread Singapore Converse Chuck Taylor



You can check the rest of the list here.