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Global Citizens, Unite!
Sep 12, 2014 08:30:00
Buckle up as CommonThread takes you around the world!  As the street style phenomena continues to expand around us, we’ve decided to go global and celebrate international styles and tastemakers that embody our style stories.

Global citizens are our stars this season: well-travelled, adventurous and fashion-forward personalities who are attuned to the heartbeats of their cities.  We bring you to the fashion capitals of New York, London and Paris, exploring their distinctive style codes. New York’s incessant energy, London’s eclectic unpredictability and Paris’ effortless flair will take us on a global journey of impeccable taste. Then, we visit Stockholm, home of the cool, chic and charismatic. Lastly, we head down to Rio de Janeiro where passion is an art form seen on its streets and in its people. 

CommonThread offers a unique brand of casual-chic, timeless fashion, high-quality, heritage pieces and irrepressible personal style. To lift yourself onto an international stage, check out our style essentials, an extensive selection of fail-proof ways to help you along the sartorial way.

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