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Global Citizen Spotlight: Joanne Yew
Nov 07, 2014 08:00:00
Joanne Yew is a prominent actress, widely known for her lead role in the highest grossing film in Malaysia, The Journey.  She's also a Global Citizen, travelling the world to continously draw inspiration from other cultures.  
1) Which global city best represents your personal style?
Seoul is my favourite city, I have been there for studies for 1 year. 
2) If the globe is your home, where would your kitchen be?
Japan, I love the delicate and authentic style of Japanese cuisine. It involves so much detail and patience. So I really appreciate the art of Japanese cuisine.
3) Which city/country inspires you the most?
Every city I go is a new inspiration, however, I am most inspired by Barcelona, Los Angeles and Japan.
4) Which destination are you dying to visit next?
South Africa, I really want to go on a Safari tour and experience the wildlife. 
5) If you could only take 3 items on a trip, what would those be?
My iPhone and MONEY!