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Global Citizen Spotlight: Celester Tan
Oct 17, 2014 09:30:00

Celester Tan is a Global Citizen and fashion buyer who travels the world not only to search for the latest and best clothing, but also to experience new cultures for renewed inspiration.  His journey has taken him to major cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Sydney, London and New York.


1. Which global city best represents your personal style?

- London! I like sophisticated smart-casual. I love my skinny denims/pants and the plaid shirts, just like the British fashion; preppy, neat and tapered.


2. If the globe is your home, where would the kitchen be?

- Bangkok. I can never get sick of Thai food. I love the tom yam soup, phad thai noodles, papaya salad, lemongrass drink and many more. The unique spices and ingredients make Thai food so exotic that distinct them from other Asian food. 


3. Which city inspires you the most?

- Barcelona! Walking between the narrow, twisting alleys and streets in Barri Gotic you will discover beautiful courtyards and majestic churches. Visit Catedral de Barcelona and get inspired by the magnificent interior with stained-glass windows and enjoy the sense of peace that reverberates in this magical building. I love to walk along Passeig de Gracia where you can find Spanish fashion labels and the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí such as the Casa Mila and the Casa Batllo. Bask into the artistic and magical atmosphere of this Catalonian city.


4. Which destination are you dying to visit next?

- Cape Town. It is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world that is also known for its beautiful beaches, big waves surf spot, lively harbours and the famous table mountain.


5. If you could only take 3 items on a trip, what would those be?

- A camera for photo taking, a comfortable pair of sneakers for the long walks and my credit card for sure.